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Discount Puma Muse Echo Women's Sneakers Puma White-Puma White Outlet Online

  • item#: Puma Running shoes 08
  • Retail price: US$520.00
  • Discount Price: 104.00

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      They hold back. You dare to do you. The all-new Muse Echo is performance-inspired and fashion-forward. Its woven upper sits atop a daring, split outsole. It’s for the sporty and sophisticated among us; the badass and the bold.

      Drawing inspiration from the elegance and grace of the New York City Ballet dancers, the Muse Echo features slip-on construction, long, sleek lines and an embossed leather cage for a fierce yet feminine edge.


      Textured textile upper
      Sock-like fit
      Slip-on construction
      Exaggerated tongue for a unique look
      Lace closure for snug fit
      Injection-moulded ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole for lightweight performance
      Split rubber outsole
      PUMA Cat Logo at tongue
      Heel pull tab for easy on/off
      Discount Puma Muse Echo Women\'s Sneakers Puma White-Puma White Outlet Online
      Discount Puma Muse Echo Women\'s Sneakers Puma White-Puma White Outlet Online

      Product Reviews:

         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Daniel Pinto
        I have problem feet, and thought these would fill the bill. I was wrong. I hadn't noticed, but the toes are pointed, which is not common to me in this type of shoe. I got the 4e because of my wide feet, but they are still too narrow, and the toe is squeezing my foot. The insole is a joke for a shoe of this price! I took it out and put my good ones in, but the front part of the shoe is making it very hard to live with.These just might be the worst pair of shoes I've ever owned!
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I have tried many cross-training shoes in my time and the new balance 608 series are the best for fit and comfort! Don't even try other new balance cross-training shoes, you will not be satisfied! I have owned over 8 pair of 608 over my lifetime!
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I usually hate buying shoes on line because you can't try them on but since I have been getting similar New Balance footwear I decided to try ordering these. I am a woman with a wide large foot and find it hard to get women's sneakers. I wear an 11 in woman's. These were wider than ones I have gotten in the past in New Balance which was great. First wear on the treadmill gave me a blister but I should have known to break them in first. They feel great now and have wonderful support for my arches. Love them!
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        My God. Here I am. 32 years old. Grilling out back while my feet start to ach. Just kidding, I was as comfortable as can be thanks to these awesome grilling and lawn mowing combo sneakers. These are so comfortable I could easily kick them up on the chair and fall asleep on them, if I let anybody walk in the house with their shoes on that is. They’re so comfortable I like to even turn on the lights for a moment just to stare at them, but not too long because electricity isn’t free. Can’t wait to have my own collection of these sweet things.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I’ve been wearing these shoes for a couple years now. They only last me about 6 months, but my job is rough on shoes. I’ve spent more on shoes just for them to wear out just as quick! I’ve alwyas had good luck with these and these have to be my 8th pair easily! My only draw with this pair it’s first ones to squeak so much when stepping, I figured it would go away after a couple days, but nope over a week and still squeaking just as much. Really odd because my other pairs never did. Other than that they fit the same and comfortable.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        This is the 2nd pair of this shoe my husband has owned. He wanted the exact shoe because they are so comfortable, don't need "breaking in" and are very long lasting. He has had his old pair 4 years.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        They run small - I usually wear a 10 but it took an 11 to fit, but I wore them right away without any padding for comfort and they were really comfortable.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Been wearing this model New Balance shoe for years, so I knew what size I needed (9.5EEEE). I wear a 10 in Nike Monarch's but New Balance I wear a 9.5. Excellent shoe, great foot support. Arrived on time and in perfect, new condition.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Great and comfortable shoe. Lasts well. I have owned 5 pairs of these over the years. Will definitely buy more.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These shoes turn out to be very supportive i have bought two pairs in the last four months- that seems to be the magic number to get new ones before you wear one pair out. i have also purchased extra insoles only because i walk at work mostly on cement floor for about 10 hrs.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I like these shoes alot. I have wide feet and these fit well.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I love the color,Grey with /orange outline, Good looking shoe and fast delivery but it fits somewhat tighter than my other 608's, 1/2 size bigger next time on this color and style for me.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Just what I expect from new balance. I have had several Nb shoes for walking. These were perfect right out of the box. New balance always come thru.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I am a big guy (6'7'' and 350) and I go through shoes pretty fast. At 50.00 these last 6 months or better. They are comfortable and durable.
         , October 15, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I purchased these to replace a worn out pair of the same shoe, this time I chose a different color as the selection was much greater buying through Amazon. The last pair I had held up great and I still have as a back up pair so I hope I will have similar results with this pair.
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Fit well except a little narrow in the toe box.
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        It took about a week to break in the really strong material, but they feel great now, and definitily feel well made and not cheap.
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These shoes have a extremely hard side on the left shoe. My left foots outer side rubes on a hard bump. I can feel it every second I'm wearing this shoe. I've tried everything to soften it up but it just seems to irritate my foot constantly. Can't wear them for even 5 minutes.
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        amazing product, value, and shipping very fast!
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        The Chick at work dig these shoes. Well worth the $$$$$$ . They do seem a bit narrow , I ordered 1/2 size larger than my normal sneaker size. and the fit was snug .. not tight just a tad snug. Over all love the color and surprisingly comfortable.

        Buy These!
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Fit as expected and packaged properly.
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I love these shoes. They remind me of what I wore in high school! I have narrow feet so the heel slips a little, but not enough to return. I wear an 8 1/2 in women's but got these in kids size mainly because of the price. Awesome!
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Look great dressed up or down-my boyfriend loves them! Will buy more in other colors in the future.
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These are among the best trail running shoes I've ever used, and have a very traditional footprint with plenty of traction- but still very road-friendly for those who run on both surfaces,The 4E width has a roomy toe box, great stability for technical trail running, yet not a minimalist construction or zero-drop shoe which seems to be in vogue these days. I bought ten pair for $45 each and that's at least $20 off of retail price. The shoe accommodates custom full-length orthotics, including keeping the original shoe insert which offers additional shock absorption. It has a rugged toe stop for rocks, tree roots, etc, and a very straight last. There are many other great features to the shoe I could list, but trust me, as long as shoe weight is not an issue (they are not lightweight but still reasonable), I would buy as many pair as you can before the model is discontinued and you are scrambling for a replacement. They are also terrific just for everyday walking, so I basically live in these shoes. Bravo Asics!
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        can't go wrong with a 4E shoe
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Most new shoes are wonderful at first. But these really good up to the beatings. Would certainly buy again. Colors are slightly darker than expected. But over all shoe performs well
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Very comfortable shoe. Two way treads make walking and hiking easy. Uphill or down you get excellent grip and stability.
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I wear them daily and jog in them occasionally. Perfect fit and width - no need to break in (ok, maybe a couple of days...). Very happy with them and may even buy another pair in case they aren't sold when it comes time to replace this pair!
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        A week later and they have not fallen apart.
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        M. Borrego
        Fiance wearing for work, fits as expected and he says he loves them!
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        In the past 3 years, I have bought 4 styles of Asics running shoes and these are my favorite!

        My sell points for determining that these are "good" sneakers:
        1.) Toe Space - I have problems with my toes going numb if I don't have adequate room in the toe box. To accommodate, I usually order a size 10 and lace up tightly (when I wear a 9 or 9.5) in regular shoes. This causes my shoes to typically wear faster in the heels because they side around a little, but my toes don't go numb after my daily 4 mile trail hike.
        2.) Comfort - This includes arch support and overall cushioning. I have bad knees, so I can tell when the cushioning starts to go in sneakers. Mine last almost 3 months exactly when worn for 4 miles daily.
        3.) Cuteness - Sorry to be vain but I want sneakers to be cute and have pink on them. These are the only kind I buy. Judge me if you must ;)
        4.) Easy to put on / take off - I hate untying my shoes, so I love that these have a loop in the back so I can slip them on with minimal unlacing (lazy).
        5.) Doesn't cake-in dirt/mud - When on loose dirt trails, I often encounter dirt & mud that gets caked into my soles, so I favor the Asics styles over, say K-Swiss because the soles don't have a lot of "hiding places" for mud to get packed into.

        I compared:
        ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 5 - My all time favorite for toe space as well as cushion and arch support and wears well.
        ASICS Women's Gel-contend 3 - Wider in the arch area but narrow in the toes and heels.
        ASICS Women's Gel-scram 2 - Great toe space but not much arch support to speak of (super-cute though!)
        ASICS Women's Gel Frequency 2 - Actually a walking shoe and built much less "tough" and more lightweight but has a flimsy feel to it and comes up short against the back of the heel, so it fit kinda weird.

        When I say these shoes "wear well" I mean that they don't look like they are falling apart even after much use/wear. The only indicators of wear that they show are some wear on the inside of the heels but probably only because I wear a half size too big on purpose, and also some fraying where the inner fabric (pink) meets the lace holes. (See pics)

        Overall, I love these shoes the best of all I've tried in Asics as well as Adidas, Saucony, Vibram and K-Swiss and won't be straying from the Gel-Venture 5 shoes again. I love them and don't think it gets any better than this :)
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        game ever.
        These shoes have been a godsend to me! I am not a runner, my reason for purchase was a severe case of plantar fasciitis plus a bone spur on my heel, so much so that even walking around the house or with daily activities was extremely painful. A Podiatrist told me I needed a good stability tennis shoe and to do stretches multiple times a day. I looked at numerous shoes, mostly New Balance, because that was her first recommendation. Nothing felt good until I tried on the Brooks Adrenaline 18 at a store. As soon as I put it on, it felt like a slice of heaven! So I went home and ordered through Amazon. I am wearing them with the premium orthotics from the Walking Company, so I can’t speak to what the footbed feels like without them. But in general, the comfort is amazing! The padding around the ankle is supreme and feels like it holds my foot in a secure position. The shoe keeps my foot from pronating, the lace up area is snug and secure, the toe box is roomy for my toes. The sole is perfect for’s very stable but doesn’t feel like a cast like some of the higher stability New Balances did. I understand that’s what the Podiatrist recommended, bot those brick-like shoes actually made my plantar fasciitis hurt more! The Brooks Adrenaline 18 took just a day or so to break in and get used to, and after 1 week I had good improvement, after 2 weeks it is like night and day from when I started wearing them! I’m feeling mostly better!!! They’re so amazing, I bought a second pair from another company on a Black Friday sale in a different color! I take an 8 wide with my orthotics. If you use orthotics, I’d recommend a half size up. The wide is not too wide at all, it’s perfect!! Before getting plantar fasciitis, I always bought cheap shoes. I now see the importance of buying better quality shoes, I will never go back! Love, love, love these shoes!!! Don’t hesitate to get these gems, your feet will love you for it!!!
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These sneakers are so comfortable! I absolutely love them. The colors are great too. Not to mention the price is reasonable too. Would definitely recommend!!!
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I have high arches and wide feet, Asics are the best athletic shoes I've found for my type of feet. I highly recommend them for anyone with the same foot type.
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Love these!!! Got these for the Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon and didn't break them in at all before- still Awesome!!
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I gotta say, I've never been this disappointed with Asics shoes in my life. This is my favorite brand and I've probably purchased Asics half a dozen times, but I will never buy this model again. The shoes are extremely uncomfortable. They irritate my feet when I exercise and leave my feet on the verge of blisters. It's so bad that I can't wear them the next day. I'm not sure if maybe they run too big, but that really surprises me because my shoe size doesn't fluctuate and I have always purchased a size 10, sometimes even 10 1/2. Also, if your feet overpronate I do not recommend these at all as the support on these shoes make my overpronation worse.

        3-month update:
        The shoes are now even worse! If there were was an option to choose 0 stars, I would lower my initial 1-star review. It's only been 3 months and the shoes are actually falling apart. I've had Asics shoes that I've worn for hours, 6 days a week, when I used to do marching band that have held up for literally years, but 3 months in and the soles are detaching. I only wear them twice a week for about 2 hours each day when I go to the gym. I'm beginning to think these are not real Asics and maybe I got a knock-off sent to me. Money down the drain :(
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I have high arches and wide feet, Asics are the best athletic shoes I've found for my type of feet. I highly recommend them for anyone with the same foot type.
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        It is difficult to find shoes to fit my wide foot. I have worn the Brooks Adrenalines for several years now. I never realize how worn down my old pair is until I slip into the new ones. They are like putting your foot into a cloud. So soft and cushy. The reason I only gave it four stars is because the arch feels a little too far back for my arch. It is still comfortable despite that one little thing. My other concern is there is no guard on these where my toes always wear a hole. Time will tell. I LOVE the color! I usually don't get much of a choice in my size, so I was super excited to find such pretty ones. I bought a women's size 10 EE. The fit is perfect.
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I am not one who writes reviews on anything I purchase. But this is an exception. I spend a lot of time on my feet and they tend to give me problems like planters phascitis. I have a narrow heel and an average width ball of my foot and I have never in my 47 years had a shoe fit this well. I have a high arch and the shoe has plenty of support and cushion for me. I usually bought aisics and wore a size 8.5. I ordered the same size in Brooks and that was perfect. I would have room for an insole if I needed it but I don't and it's still great. In a dress shoe I were a 7.5 if that helps any. By the looks great on your foot on top it all.
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These shoes are magical. I mean really, I LOVE these shoes. They are the perfect balance of cushioning while still being lightweight enough to get a quick turnover (purchased new glycerines as well, but these just feel lighter and not as "clunky" if that makes sense). I've had each model of the ghost since the ghost 5 came out. Wasn't crazy about the 8's...just felt too stiff but this shoe just may be my favorite. There's no period of having to "wear in" this shoe and it feels like your walking on clouds. Kudos, Brooks.
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I'm reviewing these after our 2nd purchase. These have been good shoes and made it through a cheer season. We had some Nike's before and my daughter thought these were far better. We only needed a 2nd pair because she grew out of the first pair. They do lose a star because I thought they should have held up a little better. She was only allowed to wear them at practice/lessons and competitions and only inside. She was never allowed to wear them outside. With good care like that, the sole at the toe was coming apart on one shoe. It really should have held up so we could pass these on to someone else who may need shoes but they didn't. They lasted as long as they fit her so I can't complain too much.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        My initial impression is these are the most comfortable sneakers I've put on in my life. They literally feel like slippers. Time will tell as to whether they hold up in the gym and walking, but I like a well cushioned shoe and these are. The mesh top is what makes them so comfy. I will update if they do not hold up, but it's a great start.

        Update 11/5/17: I normally get size 11 4E in New Balance, but after using these a few days I should have gone down a half size. They are a bit larger than my normal NB 623 cross-training shoes, but not so bad I need to send them back. I've been using them at the gym and they are perfect for working on exercise machines such as ellipticals and treadmills. The heel is a little soft, you feel like you sink in but it's not that bad, and they are by no means a stability shoe. That said, my old bones love them. They are still the most comfortable highly cushioned shoe I've ever put on. I would buy them again.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Adorable, easy to get off & on but about 1/2 size off. I got my daughter size 10.5 in both stride rite and saucony and there's quite a difference.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Love the shoes but they are just a little small. May just need broken in a bit
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Love them have received so many compliments!
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Love the shoes! Perfect fit as always!
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I think this is the 4th pair I bought. I walk a lot , average 6 miles a day. The shoe is very comfortable and last me for about 2500 miles. Around 1000 miles the inner sole needs to be replaced.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Comfortable first. I have sensitive feet. Design is excellent.
        Lastly this shoe makes the loudest squeak ever. This is best thing for annoying people. Plus you can apologize for it. I love it New Balance it's it single best attribute.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        F. Hackney
        Just what I wanted. Just what I expected.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        My son adores his new "basketball shoes". I think they should rename them, Jazz bah---now basketball that's got a better ring! Oh to be 3.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        My son would only wear checkered Vans for his first 4 years, but I got him to try these and when he came home from school he told me they made him run faster. He now only wears these shoes. They go on so easily that he can do it himself. I also bought some for my daughter.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These are swell shoes. My daughter goes through a lot of shoes, and this is the second pair of purple Sauconys I purchased, as she outgrew the other ones. She likes them a lot.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Saucily has been our go to for my son's wider toddler foot. Unfortunately, the most recent pair seems
        To be more narrow than they have been in the past. My only reason for deducting a star.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        The shoes look great and are high quality. They are comfortable and our 2.5 yr old toddler loves them. He's been wearing saucony since he was 1.5 yr old. He can run in these without tripping. This is his 4th pair.
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        S T Barnett***
        Never out of these - most comfortable shoes I have ever owned AND as they are low top, look flattering with dresses etc! Loads of compliments, too!
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        lovely comfortable shoes feel like you have nothing on your feet fantastic
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These are very similar if not identical to almost all Crocs purchased in the past. They share the same large dimples across the inner sole and heel and a intermittent pattern to the outer sole and heel.

        The fit is true to size unlike those made in China which are about half a size undersize, hence the suggestion to buy a size larger than normal. The sole pattern is an all-over herringbone pattern and there is no separation between sole and heel.

        I normally get 18-24 months of wear from a pair, wearing them several hours a day 24/7.
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Very pleased with these. The relaxed fit is ideal; they are very comfortable.
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Just what i wanted will be ordering more
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I choose for crocs because I have sore feet. With crocs I can walk around without pain
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        B JEmbrey
        Bought them to go on the beach. Absolutely brilliant!
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I bought my Crocs years ago - when they were made in Italy.
        Nowadays, they all seem to be made in - yes you've guessed it - China.
        It's not an improvement in my opinion, as the rubber seems less flexible and the sizing is definitely iffy.
        I got my last pair - Crocs Relief, made in China ! - through Crocs and despite some reviews saying they came up " larger than size ", I chose a half size larger than usual and they were still a snug fit.
        THIS pair fits me perfectly, BUT I bought ONE WHOLE SIZE LARGER than my usual size 5, and when compared to my " old " Italian made, size 5s - they are SMALLER THAN THEM !!!
        So buyers,be aware of the sizing element.

        This pair was well priced though, and I DO recommend Crocs - they are really not that nice looking, but if you have foot problems ( I have Plantar Fasciitis ) or just wide feet, they are great !.
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I LOVE these shoes. They are great quality, well-made and comfortable to wear. What more could you want?
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        These are the most comfy shoes i have ever owned. Its all I wear.
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        just had to buy a pair remember having a pair as a kid and these were the trainers to be seen in in the 80s .
        didn't even know they still available to buy
        Excellent Quality
        thank you
         , October 26, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Good quality bought for daughter walking dog and now the wife wants a pair
         , October 27, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Usually wear a 10.5 ordered an 11 and it fits pretty well, still a little large but wont fall off. Certainly not made for extra wide feet like i have but they will work. material reminds me of wearing sweatpants on my feet, very comfortable, pretty stylish. For the price they are definitely worth it.

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